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    Welcome to our homepage! Here you will find information about training, we are able to arrange for you or your company! We mainly offer safety training, fire protection, and health and safety e-learning on-line. We operate mainly in Bydgoszcz, Barcin, Inowrocławia, Torun, Mogilno, Poznan, Wielkopolska province and Kujawsko Pomorskie.

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About us

   BHP Masters is a company which is a group of professionals with years of experience and professional experience. We provide BHP trainings, PPOŻ trainings, and e-learning BHP on-line. The offer is aimed at companies who appreciate the professionalism and reliability of the service performed. We approach each client individually with full commitment. Our main motivation is customer satisfaction. We are trying to achieve through experience, commitment, empathy and honesty. Health and safety is not just about that derives from the moral and legal aspects to steer the employer. Providing a legal basis and additional elements that affect comfort and safety is a measure of company professionalism.


,,Wanting to be safe is not cowardice ... Rocking on trapezes without collateral is good when you have nothing to lose ...”

                                                                                                   Paulo Coelho


  • BHP trainings


    Full range of safety training for companies and businesses. Bet on the professionals!

  • PPOŻ trainings


    Training and maintenance of fire protection is the basis of security in the company. Remember this and contact us!

  • Outsorcing


    We offer a full service company on the basis of outsourcing. Check out what we can do for you!